01 Intro

Program for management accounting of finance with reference to projects and items of income and expenses.

Features of the program

  • Single-user version – with a local database;
  • Network multi-user – with a database in the local network;
  • Network multi-user – with a database in the cloud, data center;
  • The number of databases and users is not limited;
  • Setting up user access rights;
  • The local database is transferred by normal file copying;
  • Checking the program version and automatic update.

Features of the accounting

  • Maintaining several organizations in one database;
  • Accounting for money in bank accounts;
  • Cash accounting at cash desks;
  • Settlements with buyers and suppliers;
  • Settlements with advance holders (employees);
  • Accounting for mutual settlements linked to contracts;
  • Budgeting and planning;
  • Reporting income and expenses;
  • Registration of official correspondence and commercial offers.